Over 2000 homes staged and sold in the Outaouais-Ottawa region!

Fabulous first impressions lead to fast sales. Within 15 seconds of entering a home, potential buyers have already made a decision whether the property is a serious contender to purchase. Buyers have high expectations and are willing to pay top dollar for homes that not only fit their lifestyle needs, but cinch their emotional dream of home.

As a certified Canadian Staging Professional, I take a hands-on approach to home staging and redesign.  In an average three-hour consultation, I roll up my sleeves and dramatically transform your house–maximizing the perceived value of the property by playing up its assets and enhancing the emotional impact of every room through proper furniture placement, accessorizing and paint colour selections.   I’ll recommend necessary purchases, repairs and upgrades appropriate for your budget and your asking price.  I also provide shopping services for knobs, light fixtures, curtains, curtain rods, towels, bedding and accessories at reasonable rates, if needed.

My redesign services are also available for merging your belongings into your new home or if you are happy in your current abode but want to update your décor.


Please contact me to arrange an appointment or check out the courses I teach at Alqonquin College.